Grading System

Policy Number: 1


Georgia State shall use a grading system that extends to 4.30 for the grade of A+.

Effective Date: 2009-08-01

Responsible Party: Registrar

Contacts: Shari Piotrowski Schwartz

Administrative Category: Academic Affairs

Applies To: Students, Faculty

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The following table indicates the academic letter grades used at Georgia State University and their numerical value used to calculate grade point averages:

A+ 4.30 B+ 3.30 C+ 2.30 D    1.00
A   4.00 B   3.00 C   2.00 F     0.00 
A-  3.70 B-  2.70 C-  1.70 WF  0.00

The symbols I (Incomplete), IP (In Progress), W (Withdrawal), S (Satisfactory), U(Unsatisfactory), V (Audit), K (Credit-by-examination), and NR (Not Reported) do not havenumerical equivalents and are not used in calculating grade point averages.

Colleges, Departments and other academic units are encouraged to establish gradingguidelines. However, except as noted below, no College, Department, or other academic unitmay prohibit the use of plus/minus grades or any particular plus or minus grade. Colleges,Departments, and other academic units may choose to require the use of plus/minus grades.

If multiple sections of a course are offered in the same semester, they must either all useplus/minus grading or all use grades without plus/minus. However, the Dean of the relevantcollege may approve a waiver of this rule.

Cross-listed courses at the same level must either all use plus/minus grading or all usegrades without plus/minus. However, the Dean of the relevant college may approve a waiver of this rule.


Rationale or Purpose

In September 2008 the Board of Regents authorized Georgia State University to add A+ to its grading scale. Many students and faculty asked for inclusion of A+ in grading scale.

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Additional Information

Original University Senate motion to modify grading system to include pluses and minuses was approved Spring 1998. See: 
Motion to modify scale to include A+ to grading scale was approved in Fall 2008. See

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