Study Abroad Program Approval

Policy Number: 212


All faculty-led study abroad programs in which students will receive Georgia State academic credit for their experience abroad must be approved by the University.

Effective Date: 0000-00-00

Responsible Party: Registrar

Administrative Category: Academic Affairs

Applies To: Students, Faculty, Staff

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Full Policy Text:

Full Policy Text

All faculty-led study abroad programs in which students will receive Georgia State academic credit for their experience abroad must be approved by the University. 

New and existing programs must be approved each year. New programs require a proposal in addition to the Approval Form. Existing programs require a Program Renewal Form. For substantial changes to an existing program, such as a change in the country of study, an addendum must be attached to the Program Renewal Form. The addendum should confirm that the curriculum originally proposed has not been changed, and if relevant, address how the new location affects the program, safety in the new location, and whether the site visit requirement has been fulfilled. All program approvals are processed through Study Abroad Programs. All annual approval and renewal forms must be submitted to Study Abroad Programs no later than February 1st for fall programs, June 1st for spring programs, and September 15th for maymester/summer programs. 

Each Georgia State University faculty-led study abroad program shall have at least one program director. This director must travel abroad with the students who are participating in the program. In keeping with GSU policy for all courses, a study abroad program director must be a member of the University faculty qualified to be the instructor of record for courses they will teach abroad, if any. Leading a study abroad program involves making important decisions on behalf of the institution involving participant safety, crisis management and institutional risk. As such, program directors must be regular faculty able to exercise a high degree of discretion and responsibility on behalf of the institution while also leading an academically challenging study abroad program.

The Office of Study Abroad Programs is responsible for establishing requirements for study abroad program approval and for responding to questions regarding program director eligibility. Requests for exceptions to this Policy must be approved by the Dean of the college before submission to the Office of Study Abroad Programs for a final decision.

A list of regular faculty designations that are eligible to be program directors and a list of others not eligible to serve as program directors is provided below. 

Regular Faculty Eligible to be Program Directors:

Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Regents Professor, Clinical Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Instructor, Academic Professional, Senior Academic Professional, Senior Lecturer, and Lecturer. Incumbents also may hold an administrative title like "chair" or "director."

Others Not Eligible to be Program Directors:   Public Service Professional, Research Scientist, Research Associate, Research Engineer, Research Technologist, Graduate students, part-time faculty, part-time instructors, adjunct faculty, and faculty or staff with temporary or visiting positions.

Rationale or Purpose

To provide a consistent approval process for study abroad programs and to reduce institutional risk.

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